BLIZZARD – reflection of perfection

Blizzard is the result of the work of experts and roofers – a reliable roofing that will protect your home for many years. Proven quality and reliability in harmony with nature and corresponding with its requirements. Product with the longest 60-year written warranty available on the market.
The unique appearance of the stone chip coated roofing is ensured by its unique form with double rib, which is a response to the current architectural trends. 

BLIZZARD is a stylish, straight form with a double rib. The shape resembles classic ceramic roof tiles, which is complemented by the stone chip coating. A highly aesthetic product with a refined structure. BLIZZARD is an inherent landscape element of modern roofing. 

Blizzard has 6 deep ribs in the panel and is available in various colours that will prove effective not only in modern construction but also on the roofs of more traditional buildings. The elegant appearance of the arranged roof panels, deceptively resembling typical ceramic roofs, can be obtained with a roof inclination from 14°. 
Nor is practical application forgotten about – anything to make the roofer’s job easier. BLIZZARD stone chip coated roofing enables extremely quick and easy assembly.

The regular pattern allows for the arrangement of the right number of tiles, such that during assembly, their optimal number is used with the least amount of waste.
A layer of natural stone chip reduces the sound of rain, hail and wind. This is a particular convenience for those living in the attic.


Additional possibilities in enhancing the look of the roof are provided by our original colours. This extensive colour range makes BTR Systems roofing solutions as elegant as they are full of energy and dynamics.
kolory Blizzard
blachodachówka Blizzard szczegóły techniczne

Technical details

Total width
~1196 mm
Real roofing width
1141 mm
Steel thickness + AZ 150
min. 0,42 mm
Tile deflection height
35 mm
Sheet weight
~3 kg
Profile depth
21 mm
Step length - Module
370 mm
Sheet length
430 mm
Number of modules per m2
2,37 pcs / m2
Product Data Sheet - Blizzard - 1222 - EN.pdf
Assembly Instruction - BLIZZARD, MISTRAL - 124 - PL.pdf

Composition of stone chip coated modul

  1. Transparent acrylic coating
  2. Natural stone chips
  3. Base layer
  4. Passivation protective layer
  5. Alu-zinc protective layer
  6. Steel core
  7. Alu-zinc protective layer
  8. Passivation protective layer

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