A roof covering consisting of several specialized layers is a compatible system that forms the basis of home security. One of the extremely important elements of the system is the roof membrane - dedicated to all metal and BTR Systems coverings (also for solar and photovoltaic panels), it shows the highest quality parameters. Highly efficient and durable with a 25-year guarantee of functionality.

membrana dachowa Solid Steel


  • RESISTANCE TO EXTREME TEMPERATURES - confirmed by tests, high resistance to harmful UV radiation. The membrane retains its functional parameters for up to 4 months without a roof covering. As one of the few available on the market, it can withstand short-term, extreme temperatures up to 150° C. 
  • FIRE STANDARD - non-flammable, passive fire protection, meets the requirements of the European fire standard. It ensures the safety of the roof both during use and assembly.
  • WATERPROOF AND VAPOUR PERMEABILITY - a special hydrophobic coating (lotus flower effect) allows the discharge of large amounts of condensation water from under the metal cover.
  • HIGH FLEXIBILITY - even at a temperature of -25 ° C, it ensures installation comfort regardless of the season.
  • MONOLITHIC CONSTRUCTION - an innovative structure containing an acrylic layer in gray and a white polyester fleece on the bottom.
  • WARRANTY UP TO 25 YEARS - long-term durability confirmed by a written guarantee of functionality.

The BTR Systems membrane is not only of a high standard, but also favourable economic, ecological and practical considerations.

membrana na dach

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