Thunder with stone chip

To meet contemporary architectural trends, Thunder is manufactured in Onyx
colour and with ribs that perfectly imitate traditional wooden shingle.

Technical details

Total width
~ 1200 mm
Real roofing width
1160 mm
Steel thickness + 150AZ
min. 0,42 mm
Tile deflection height
36 mm
Sheet weight
~ 3 kg
Profile depth
11 mm
Step length - Module
380 mm
Sheet length
430 mm
Number of modules per m2
2.27 pcs / m2
Product Data Sheet - Thunder - 922 - EN.pdf
Assembly instructions - THUNDER - 922 - PL.pdf

Composition of stone chip coated modul

  1. Transparent acrylic coating
  2. Natural stone chips
  3. Base layer
  4. Passivation protective layer
  5. Alu-zinc protective layer
  6. Steel core
  7. Alu-zinc protective layer
  8. Passivation protective layer


Check out what makes Thunder different

WARRANTY for 60 years
the longest warranty on the market

the highest quality and high standard of production

perfect packaging and safe delivery

deep black of the Onyx color

environmentally friendly production, ecological materials and raw materials

100% Polish product

the only one imitating the original wooden shingle

Perfect folding
for one, for two "staves", on the half of the panel

NOISE resistance
High noise resistance

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