BOLT – attracts attention with magnetic force

BOLT stone chip coated roofing refers to bituminous roof coverings, however, its structure and form combined with the strength of steel coated with aluzinc on both sides results in resistance to weather conditions and fire. Bolt is available in a variety of colours, from deep black Onyx to various earth tones.
An unobvious shape that attracts attention with an almost magnetic force... Bolt is a composition that intrigues and sharpens the senses, revealing its full shape only when looked at closely.

This unique, eye-catching design is a huge advantage of Bolt stone chip coated roofs, which are an elegant finishing of the roof. There are as many as 4 colours to choose from: black, grey, brown and green, which can be successfully matched to various shades of the facade or window frames. The charm of this roofing is also added by the coarse grain of the chip, thanks to which the roofing has a distinct, eye-catching structure.

And although the strength of Bolt profile lies precisely in its design expression, this does not mean any compromise on quality. This product, refined in every detail, consists of several layers that make the roofing resistant to weather conditions. It effectively reduces the sound of raindrops or hailstones hitting the roofing and prevents the attic from overheating on hot summer days.

This does not mean, however, that Bolt will work only in the case of unusual or even – avant-garde – architecture. The roofing is a perfect complement to the classic shape, providing an elegant finishing of the roof.


Additional possibilities in enhancing the look of the roof are provided by original colours. This extensive colour range makes BTR Systems roofing solutions as elegant as they are full of energy and dynamics.
kolorystyka pokrycia dachowego z kruszywem skalnym BOLT
rysunek techniczny pokrycia dachowego BOLT

Technical details

Total width
~ 1357 mm
Real roofing width
1282 mm
Steel thickness + 150AZ
min. 0,42 mm
Tile deflection height
20 mm
Sheet weight
~ 3 kg
Profile depth
21 mm
Step length - Module
370 mm
Sheet length
425 mm
Number of modules per m2
2,11 szt/m2
Product Data Sheet - Bolt - 1222 - EN.pdf
Assembly Instruction - BOLT - 124 - PL.pdf

Composition of stone chip coated modul

  1. Transparent acrylic coating
  2. Natural stone chips
  3. Base layer
  4. Passivation protective layer
  5. Alu-zinc protective layer
  6. Steel core
  7. Alu-zinc protective layer
  8. Passivation protective layer

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